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June 23 2016


Getting Decorative Concrete Work Done By My Friend's Dad

Stained concrete contractor Austin
We have planned to get decorative concrete for a long time now. My good friend involved to her parents house and demonstrated the task her dad has been doing on his new garage. The floors appeared as if stone and that is when she told me they weren't, nevertheless they were concrete. I knew her dad owned a concrete company, on the other hand couldn't know he could will work like this from concrete. From on that day forward, I knew I needed to have such a work done on my small porch as well as on my patio. I asked her what he charges and she told me. She declared she may be able to work something out with him to have us a better price onto it. She called us a day or two ago and explained what however charge to do this work for me. She said he's busy also it won't be for awhile but he'd take action personally. I know precisely what I need and should not wait to have the work done. I understand he'll execute a congrats onto it i don't mind the wait for the price I'm getting.
decorative concrete contractor Austin

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